TDP Ultrabots-V3S 2019

Título: TDP 2019 Equipe UFES Ultrabots V3S

Informações Gerais

Projeto: Ultrabots-V3S

Data: 17 de Julho de 2019

Assunto: Desenvolvimento de um Time de Very Small Size Soccer para competir na LARC

Informações de Categorização

Categorias: Eletrônica, Estrutura, Programação

Tags: Competições, V3S, TDP

Informações de Autoria e Versão

Versão Atual: 1.0


  • Breno O. F. de Souza
  • Daniel P. Barros
  • Higor D. Oliveira
  • Fernando B. Vieira


  • André Ferreira


This paper proposes an innovation in the structure of a robot designed to compete on a category named IEEE Very Small Size Soccer. This is a robot soccer category has been performed on LARC – Latin American Robotics Competition and CBR – Brazilian robotics Competition since 2003. In this modality, the team is composed by three robot with maximum dimensions of a 7.5 centimeters cube, programmed to act autonomously in a 150 cm x 130 cm field. The arena is composed of a field, a camera to recognize the environment and a computer to plan the strategies. The information captured by the camera are sent in real time to the computer that, based on a strategy created by the team, processed and sent to the robot through a wireless communication device, so they can use them to position themselves. The idea of the UFES ULTRABOTS V3S is to modularize the robot structure and create a layer-by-layer manufacturing, with the objective of matching the components inside of the body, getting hard shape, being strong enough to keep the opponent out and holding the ball on for more time. Furthermore, modularizing the structure is going to make the robot easily handleable at changing batteries, motors or any other piece. To make this idea possible, the team designed a new layer-by-layer manufacturing based structure. The prototype is still in a test phase and the results of the proposal will be observed during the LARC/CBR 2019 competition.

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